Color Disclaimer:  Edible inks (food coloring ink) are using to print the images, some colors may not print with exactly same shades as they appear.  This is a known issue with all edible print systems and considered being normal. Black food coloring is made using many colors, as a result any areas with grey shading can sometimes have a blue, green or purple hue to them, although the printers have been calibrated to avoid or at least minimize such effect whenever possible and it almost never happens. This will be more apparent in black and white photos. Colors like blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink and purple print well but may not be exact matches. Edible inks will not print exactly the same as regular printer inks. Colors may vary but will look superior! The colors will also brighten up once they absorb into the frosting/icing. Due to the nature of edible inks and icing sheets exact color matches can not and will not be guaranteed. Same apply for lighting conditions since every monitor will render images differently.


Personal Photos depending on the quality, lighting conditions when the photo was taken and darkness of colors in the picture being sent to me may not print out correctly. Unfortunately most of the time there is no way to tell ahead of time how the photo will look when printed on a frosting sheet so if you have a large order I suggest ordering 1 in advance to see a physical sample before placing a large edible image order.


**Also be aware that some images especially if the design is very light that they may not show up exactly as shown on the screen on small sizes like the 1.25" and 1.5" round size due to how small the size is. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have prior to placing your order, will answer them as best as I can, thanks.


Disclaimer:  The characters or personalities utilized in the designs are NOT being sold. They are free and are only being used to personalize your party item. I do not claim ownership of these licensed characters. They are for personal use only for a one-time party. They only last a couple hours after putting on a cake and are not meant for memorabilia. All rights and ownership remain with the respective owners.

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